iOS Media Controls
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The impending release of iOS 11 has shaken things up in more than one way. In particular, the Cover Sheet controls for media playback have been altered to let users interact with notifications more easily. While this is a nice change from how album art completely disappears with new notifications in iOS 10 and below, it has caused the expressive album art to take the backseat.

iOS 11 Control Center Plate
Tweaked Control Center Plate
by /u/SpaceKonk
iOS 11 Control Center Plate Animation

On reddit, many users voiced their concerns about how little attention was given to album art. /u/SpaceKonk posted an idea that would make the background of the Control Center plate the album art. That idea inspired these tweaks to how iOS 11 handles album art in the Cover Sheet and Control Center plate.

Pick your poison.

I posted in the r/iOSBeta subreddit with two ideas for how Cover Sheet media controls could look. Most users ended up liking the style that mimicked the module idea above.

Familiar ground.

The first idea was adopted from the Soundcloud player. The intention was to have a dynamic background that changed with the song progression while letting users see their notifications.

The best of both worlds.

This design attempted to mix the larger album art of the past iOS versions with the integrated nature of iOS 11’s design.

iOS 11 Control Center Plate
iOS 11 Control Center Plate
iOS 11 Control Center Plate
New media controls interaction