Hi, I'm Kauhi
(But you can call me Wowie)
I like to WOW people.
That "wow" factor is something I try to incorporate into all of my work. I believe that my work isn't done until whatever I'm investing my time and mind power into has a certain fit and finish that makes people stop and ask "Wait, you did all of this?"
I was born and raised in Costa mesa, CA for the first 17 years of my life. Growing up, I had the sea to my right and the mountains to my left every morning while I drove to school. Being so close to the beach and mountains made it difficult to chose any other lifestyle besides an active one. Being in California also really helped solidify my appreciation for creativity in people, products, etc.
I have much more to tell you about myself, but some of the other portions of my site need a little more love and care. If you have any questions feel free to go to the Contact Me section and send me a message.